Highly Controversial New Book from Leif Arnesen Reveals:
"The Down & Dirty Truth About Why Most Vegan Guys Will Always Be Skinny Fat..."
(And The Powerful 5-Step Vegan Fat Shredding Formula That Will Transform Your Body And Life Forever)
"The principles contained within this book helped me to lose over 40 pounds of fat. But perhaps more importantly, the formula this book teaches allowed me to adopt a sustainable vegan lifestyle while still achieving my fitness goals!"
"If you're going to make serious progress you're going to need a plan. This book was really great in helping to understand the science and the plan to cut fat and keep muscle as a vegan. I'm really glad it exists as a resource!"
This Book Will Completely Transform Your Life...
This book is going to teach you how to rapidly transform your body. It’s going to help you silence the doubters, challenge the status quo, and inspire others around you to go vegan. Your transformation MATTERS... both for your health and fitness, but also for multiplying your impact in the world. And this book is going to give you the formula.

  • The Vegan Fat Loss Formula will help you implement a proven formula for vegan health and fitness success...
  • The Vegan Fat Loss Formula will guide you on a path to rebuilding your beliefs about what is possible for your fitness and life...
  • The Vegan Fat Loss Formula will teach you how to make a sustainable fit vegan lifestyle so you'll never again fall off track or hit a plateau...
What People Are Saying About The Book...
I wish I had this book when I first started out on my fitness journey 8 years ago..if you want to know the truth about losing fat and you're ready to take action, then you must get a copy of this book now!
This book leads the way with practical science-backed advice that will help you to not only lose fat and get sculpted, but to cultivate the right mindset to lead a healthy, fulfilling life driven by progressive improvement. 
REMINDER: When the timer runs out, you will have to pay the full price ($20) for this book + shipping.
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